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What Type Of Architecture Does AngularJS Support?

Angular proposes to create applications based on the MVC architecture. It helps to develop a maintainable solution that is easy to test at the client-end.

It requires the following three core components.

§ Template – the view part

§ Scope – the model

§ Controller – the control part

What Does Template Mean In AngularJS?

The templates are unique HTML components in Angular applications. They are more like a static version of a web page with some additional properties to inject and render data at runtime.

What Does Scope Mean In AngularJS?

A scope is an object which defines the model for an Angular application. It provisions data fields to pass in templates for presenting to the user.

It can even bind functions for responding to actions which a user could perform.

What Does Controller Mean In AngularJS?

The controller takes the form of a function which accepts an empty scope object as the argument, delegates it to the fields and functions for exposing to the user.

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