In the Linux world there is a 99% chance that the extra tools you need are freely available (free as in beer) and if not already installed on your system you can find and download them very quickly. This in turn encourages you to delve into the idea without having to scour the Internet looking […]

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What is Outsourcing?

Business trends have their own life cycles and Outsourcing is one of them, which has become a bigger and stronger alternative for the businesses in current times. The main purpose of outsourcing is the cost-cutting of the products and service. Considering the dynamism of current complex business operations, outsourcing has proved to be a boon […]

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Where Java Script is used?

What is Java Script? JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. JavaScript is the native language of the web browser. Where is used? JavaScript is used literally everywhere on the internet. It’s like oxygen for the Web Developers, without JavaScript nearly all the websites will be as uncool […]

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Outsource service by Tririd Technologies –

Tririd Technologies delivers Outsourcing Services that help you create mor value for the business, improve efficiency through IT systems and reduce costs. Our outsource service includes Application Development, testing, enhancement, maintenance, conversion services, Upgrades and migrations, New product launches, Search Engine Optimization, On page SEO, Off Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Help desk etc. Our services […]

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What is booming technology in IT industry now?

Our students are living in a world that is changing at a dramatic pace—a world that grows smaller with each passing day due to the advances of technology. To be without a command of these skills is to be at a disadvantage in today’s—as well as tomorrow’s—world. It is essential for all students to have […]

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What programming languages should a Web Developer know to stay ahead of in Career? –

Staying on top is rather difficult in IT industry. I think knowing a programming language really won’t keep you on top. It is necessary Stick to being good at the basics of any popular language . Learn how to write good code using best practices in your favourite or interested language. The only good advice […]

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What do you prefer Java Vs. C++?-

There are so many Programming Languages to develop an Application. When you are going to develop an application then always there is question: Which one prefer Java Vs. C++? If you have asked “Which is more preferred Vitamin B, C, D or E?” The question is irrelevant when you don’t mention a deficiency of any of these. Each […]

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Java vs .Net

Software developers have often been asking this question : Which one is better ? Java or .Net? Java and .NET are among the most popular technologies for building websites and web apps, most businesses face the choice of selecting one or the other as a primary tool for developing apps and online services. You need to […]

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How to Grab Visitor’s Attention to the your website? –

In current days we hear the word “Digital” everywhere. Yes, very useful and fantastic the “Digital” !! Question in your mind : How? and Where ? then pause. You have started new business. But it’s not happening that you will get many customers in beginning days. Obviously people are not aware of your product or […]

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