Data Management

In any organization data is the main foundation of information, knowledge and ultimately the wisdom for correct decisions and actions. On the off chance that the data is important, finished, exact, auspicious, steady, significant and usable, at that point it will doubtlessly help in the development of the organization If not, it can turn out to be a useless and even harmful resource.

At TRIRID our database experts provide you ensurance for high security, availability and performance of your database environment.  We also provide various services:

  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Database Administration
  • Data Mining
Data Mining

The ultimate goal of data mining is to find hidden predictive information from a large amount of data. We give an extensive variety of data mining services – we perform traditional data mining, web mining everywhere throughout the world. We are additionally ready to mine data from different optional sources, such as professional websites (i.e., LinkedIn), white pages, yellow pages, company information databases, and more. If you are looking to outsource data mining, TRIRID is the right choice for you.

Our services include:

  • Web Data Mining
  • Social Media Data Mining
  • SQL Data Mining
  • Open Source Data Mining
Data Optimization

Data Optimization is a procedure that readies the logical schema from the data view schema. It is the counterpart of data de-optimization. Data optimization is an important aspect in database management in particular and in data warehouse management in general. Applications for example, ERP or internal workflow management systems needs to collect and store the data for long time for auditing purposes, but the side effect of huge database is the performance cost.

Our team of database experts analyse your database and find out what causes the performance issues and then either suggest or settle the arrangement ourselves.

 We provide optimization for fast processing better memory management and data security.