Difference between website and web application –

Website is informational in nature. For e.g. any website, blog or news based website. It provides a visual and textual content which the user can read- but not affect in any manner.

Web application, the user can read the information as well as manipulate the data on the page. We can consider web app in context of request and response (client-server) Model. The interaction can take form in many ways – like you submitting a form and getting a response – be it in a way of an online chat, a document to download or electronic payment etc.

A website shows static or dynamic data that is predominantly sent from the server to the user only, whereas a web application serves dynamic data with full two way interaction.

You see data that is not only dynamic but often also specific to you. You can work with this data through the web application to publish new content or send meaningful requests back to the server or through the server to third parties (including other users).

Examples include;

  • A stock/share dealing application with real time price data and account, allowing you to deal in real-time.
  • A photo editing application.
  • a wedding wish list generator, shareable with your guests
  • a web game with a persistent world
  • A word press site’s publishing interface (where you write blog posts and generally manage the site) is a web application but the blog itself is not.
  • You tube after you log in (so you can post comments or videos).

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