How to speed up your Wi-Fi router? –

How to speed up your Wi-Fi router? –


Today’s everyone is habituated with internet on Mobile / Laptop. Now internet at Home is very common, but slow internet speed using Wi-Fi is really frustrating.

There are some ways to fast internet surf using Wi-Fi:

First you should know Wi-Fi waves are radio waves that travel small distances and are picked up by smart phones. Unfortunately, if anything comes in the way of these waves, they get blocked, causing slow internet speed.

So, to place router at proper place it’s very important.

Never Place on the floor. Because on the floor, the signal goes towards the floor instead your Smartphone/ laptop.

Don’t put on enclose place.

Place it in a room that is accessible from all corners of the house. This way it will ensure that the signal strength is equal in all areas of the house.

Keep sure  one of two external antennas  pointed straight up while the other one should be tilted horizontally towards the left.

Electronic Items should be keep away from router because all these interfere  the router waves.

These all things help your internet speed up fast.

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