Java vs .Net

Software developers have often been asking this question :

Which one is better ? Java or .Net?

Java and .NET are among the most popular technologies for building websites and web apps, most businesses face the choice of selecting one or the other as a primary tool for developing apps and online services. You need to know their main advantages and applications before you select the platform that best fits your needs.

Let us see differences between Java and .Net:



Java is a programming language.Net is a framework.
Java Enterprise Edition (JEE), can work on any operating system.NET works only on various versions of Windows.
Java provides support common programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python..Net also provides support common programming languages such as PHP, Ruby, and Python
Java developers can also use languages such as Java,
JavaScript, Clojure, Groovy, and Scala
.NET developers can code in C#, F#, VB.NET,C++,
and .NET.
Java sets the J2EE framework as a default language.While .NET is compatible with other languages such as C#, F#, and
App in Java can build using Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Oracle Net Beans, and Oracle JDeveloper.The .NET applications can build using Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a sophisticated tool to build apps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Java

  • Main advantage of Java it is portable. So, user can choose any operating system. Also migrating between Java platforms is easy.
  • There are some possible security issues arise, which have platform agnostic solutions. Also some developer consider java slower than other languages because of multi-platform working of Java.

Advantages and Disadvantages of .NET

  • The main single advantage of the .NET platform is its unified environment provided by Microsoft. The platform provides seamless horizontal scalability where most tools and IDEs can be found within the Microsoft Developer Network.
  • But developers depend only on Microsoft for new features and enhancements. migration to .NET is more expensive compared to other frameworks.

Which one is in most demand among Java and .Net for JOb?

This is very interesting part in Java vs. .Net.

Both Java developers and .Net developers have been in demand for the last few years .Yet this ratio go up and down shoulder to shoulder, reflecting the overall demand and supply for .NET and Java jobs.


No one can predict which technology would continue to be hot in coming months and years.; because things change here every single minute. As a software engineer / developer – you should *not* stick to any specific language.

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