Early a year ago, Microsoft declared its .NET initiative (beforehandcode-named Next Generation Windows Services), a comprehensive distributed,Internet-based figuring platform contained new development tools, runtimeservices, operating system features, servers, and Internet protocols. Theprimary .NET goals are to enable simplified development and delivery ofdistributed Web-based services, allow creation of powerful new B2B and B2Ctransactional capabilities, and enrich the user computing experience bothlocally and across the Web.

In Microsoft’s words, .NET is “a move in focus from individual Web sites or gadgetsassociated with the Internet, to constellations of computers, gadgetandservices that work together to deliver broader, richer solutions”.

With these lofty words, Microsoft has joined with companies like IBM, HP, andothers in the beliuef that business applications are headed for a distributedarchitecture based on the Internet and industry-standard conventions.


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