What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamicweb apps . Which extends HTML with new attributes? AngularJS is perfect for Single Page Applications (SPAs) and also is easy to learn.

Angular JS is the one of the hot and demanding JavaScript Framework.

It has some advance Features:

1. Data Binding and Dependency Injection

This eliminate much of the code, also the need of wrapper and setter of class Declaration.

2. Full Testing Environment

No additional Requirements of Plugging

3. Deep Linking for Dynamic Pages

Here, Automatic Bookmarked. So, Application can be restored directly in the URL.

4. Directives

These can be used to create custom HTML Tag

5. MVVM to the Rescue

Model stops to the viewmodel objects.

Angular Js provides stateless controller which initialize control and scope object.

6. A complete client-side solution

It handles all of the DOM and AJAX glue code you once wrote by hand and puts it in a well-defined structure.

AngularJS frees you from the following pains:

  • Registering callbacks it vastly reduces the amount of JavaScript coding you have to do.
  • Manipulating HTML DOM programmatically: Most applications written with AngularJS never have to programmatically manipulate the DOM, although you can if you want to.
  • Marshaling data to and from the UI: CRUD operations make up the majority of AJAX applications’ tasks
  • Writing tons of initialization code just to get started: With AngularJS you can bootstrap your app easily using services, which are auto-injected into your application in a Guice-like dependency-injection style.

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