What is entity framework?

Entity Framework is an open-source ORM framework for .NET applications supported by Microsoft. This enables user to create model from existing Database and save data.

Prior to .NET 3.5, developers often used to write ADO.NET code or Enterprise Data Access Block to save or retrieve application data from the underlying database. We used to open a connection to the database, create a DataSet to fetch or submit the data to the database, convert data from the DataSet to .NET objects or vice-versa to apply business rules. This was a cumbersome and error prone process. Microsoft has provided a framework called “Entity Framework” to automate all these database related activities  for your application.

EF 6 Database Features

  • Querying data using LINQ
  • Using existing stored procedures, views, and table-valued functions
  • CRUD operations using stored procedures
  • Optimistic concurrency & transactions support
  • Supports Spatial Data Types
  • Connection resiliency
  • Asynchronous query and save
  • Code-based configuration
  • Database command logging
  • Database command interception
  • Dependency Resolution
  • Database Set Add Range/Remove Range
  • Better Transaction Support
  • Pluggable pluralisation and singularization service

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