What is JavaFX API? –

  • JavaFX public API is the top layer of JavaFX architecture which provides all the necessary classes that are responsible for executing a full featured JavaFX application.
  • The list of all the packages of this API are as follows.
  • javafx.animation – Contains classes to add transition based animations such as fill, fade, rotate, scale and translation, to the JavaFX nodes.
  • javafx.application – Contains a set of classes responsible for the JavaFX application life cycle.
  • javafx.css – Contains classes to add CSS–like styling to JavaFX GUI applications.
  • javafx.event – Contains classes and interfaces to deliver and handle JavaFX events.
  • javafx.geometry – Contains classes to define 2D objects and perform operations on them.
  • javafx.stage – This package holds the top level container classes for JavaFX application.
  • javafx.scene – This package provides classes and interfaces to support the scene graph. In addition, it also provides sub-packages such as canvas, chart, control, effect, image, input, layout, media, paint, shape, text, transform, web, etc. There are several components that support this rich API of JavaFX.

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