What is MVC in JSP?

MVC is a software architecture – the structure of the system – that separates the following parts:

Model, View, Controller

MVC is common for all Language. It is actually a design Pattern to develop Application. Application develop by using this pattern has 3 component model views and controller.


The Model is responsible for managing the data at backend side.


View is responsible for displaying all the database records to the user .A view request the information from the model.


Controller handles the user interaction .Controller is a software code that controls the interaction between the model and view.

MVC in jsp:

Controller acts as an interface between View and Model. Controller intercepts all the incoming requests. Example: Servlets act as controller in a java.

represents the state of the application i.e. data. It can also have business logic. Example: Entity classes/POJO/ Model classes act as model in java.

represents the presentation layer i.e. UI(User Interface). Example: JSP pages, HTML pages act as View in java.

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