What is MVC?

MVC is a software architecture – the structure of the system – that separates domain/application/business (whatever you prefer) logic from the rest of the user interface. It does this by separating the application into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller.

The architectural pattern that separates an application into three main logical components: the model, the view, and the controller is known as (MVC) Model View Controller.

  • In MVC, each of the components are built to handle specific development aspects of an application.
  • MVC is regarded as one of the most frequently used industry-standard web development framework.
  • It is used to create scalable and extensible projects.
  • It divides a given software application into three interconnected parts, so as to separate internal representations of information from the ways that information is presented to or accepted from the user.
  • Traditionally, MCV pattern was used for desktop graphical user interfaces.
  • But now a days, this architecture has become extremely popular for designing web applications.

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