Why is ASP.NET better than ASP?

ASP.NET will almost always perform better than classic ASP. ASP and ASP.Net are very different programming languages. ASP is a scripting language, where as ASP.NET is the web formulation of a compiled language (Visual Basic, C#, J#, C++, .Net). Moreover, unlike ASP, ASP.NET is an object-oriented language.

ASP.NET MVC is simply a (better) way to write ASP DOT NET applications.

Multi Language Support

In ASP only two languages were available for scripting Visual basic scripting (VBScript) and Java scripting (Jscript/JavaScript).

But in ASP.NET, We can use either C# or VB.NET Shop as server side programming language

XML-based components

In ASP No in-built support for XML but in ASP.NET full XML Support for easy data exchange.

Non Microsoft Platform Support

ASP cannot run on non- Microsoft technology platforms like the ‘The Apache Web Server’. But ASP.Net Technology can run on non-Microsoft Platforms also.


Due to limited support and ASP involves scripts being interpreted, debugging is difficult and time consuming. ASP.NET improve performance over the interpreted model.

Conclusion: allow You to spend more resources on creating a more complex website . In ASP.Net the development of more scalable, robust, secure and reliable software as compared to those developed by ASP Software developed.

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