Why is Mobile SEO important?

What is mobile SEO?

Now a days mobile phones has liberated people from Desktop. In this phase, Google Search Engine has also changes it’s ranking from Desktop to Mobile First Indexing. Google Search Engine has made this change in ranking by considering the volume of searches made through mobile phones every year. Over a year, number of smart phone users increases day by day, as a result 60% of Google searches were made through mobile phones.

Mobile SEO is particularly basic to your business and your site as a result of this progression and change in the pattern. You should simply modify a couple of odds and ends to make it appropriate for your shoppers/guests who
are dependably in a hurry.

This Mobile First Indexing has made Mobile SEO an hype. There is no specific SEO for mobile devices, but still one should focus on how your website is getting loaded in mobile, tab and many more.

How to gain the mobile-friendly label

· Avoid use of software not common on mobile devices, like Flash

· Use text that can be read without zooming

· Size content to screen so users don’t have to resize it

· Links are far apart so they can easily be tapped

Why is Mobile SEO important?

According to Search Engine Watch, slow load times can hurt your rankings. The average mobile page load speed is more than 7 seconds. Slow load times impact website bounce rates, which indicate when someone leaves a site
quickly after clicking it.

As said above Mobile phones have liberated customers from their desktops. That means while they’re out and about they could be researching places to eat and things to do. In fact, mobile users exhibit different behaviour than desktop users, according to a study from Google.

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