Next Generation Automation

In Smarter world of Automation, where people on these planet mostly depend on Automation system to do all his work quickly, without back breaking and in a perfect manner.  Moreover, Cities are developing or transforming in to the Smart Cities. So now a day’s Engineers / Analyst/Doctors & other Concern person working in Industry/Corporate/Agriculture/Civil & other various sector also want the actually parameter of Running of different devices on the fly. As all Industries are moving in the world of Industry 4.0, IOT- Internet of Thing plays a role of heart to provide all required assets on the fly click of their smart devices.

The Internet of Things is the group/network of Various Industrial Device/Building & other Items incorporated/embedded with Electronic Circuit, Software, Process Instruments / Sensing Devices and other network for exchange of data through Internet Cloud.

As each Countries is transforming their major Cities in to Smart cities, IOT plays a crucial role in it. Smart Cities need Transportation / Vehicles tracking System Record, Whole Cities is Cover with Camera, Citizen will be issue a Smart Card which can be accessible in whole city, Agriculture System, Public Transport, Government Organization , Industrial Area, Environment Sector, Power Generation & Consumption and much more to be Monitored, Recorded and Analyzed for Improvement and Development. IOT collects crucial data from each and every device and sent the recorded data to the specific storage area of the system for e.g. Cloud/Database. From Cloud/Database a respective person can visualize & Analyze data in their own format. A store data can be access anywhere in the world so it easier to find the history/record of any devices whenever it’s needed.

In Industrial Sector IOT collect data of Various Process Instrument, Sensor, Actuators, PLC and other devices and send information through cloud or local LAN to the Engineering Department. Also it provides the alarm condition directly to the concern department so that they can avoid tripping or system shut down to prevent Production/Energy Loss. Maintenance of all devices will be easier for the Engineer. Proper Analysis of Process to be done whenever needed. Also higher authority can view their device and data anywhere in the world.

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