Software Development Life Cycle –

What is software Development?

Software Development is the process of writing and maintaining the code in particular language.

Why Do We Need Software?

Every Business firm or organization needs a software program to perform various tasks which can ease out the work of a person and reduce the requirement of manpower.

Software Development Life Cycle:

Software Development Life Cycle is a basically a detailed plan which describes how to create, maintain, alter and improve a specific software product (program).

1. Planning:

Planning is most Important phage of SDLC, It is performed by the experienced people of the organization as the output and information generated by this phase will be responsible for creating a blueprint for product development. Planning helps a project to implement flawlessly and affects its progress positively.

2. Analysis :

In this phase project managers, stake holders and user (Customer) discuss the requirements of the system, and also discuss about the things like “Who is going to use the system?”, “How he will use the system?”, “What type of data is needed?” Etc. After gathering all the information about requirements for the system the process of development moves forward in the direction of designing.

3. Design:

Based on the requirements generated in analysis and requirement phase a designed approach is adopted to define the architectural modules of our system which are further followed to create the product.

4. Implementation :

On receiving system design documents, the work is further classified into parts (Modules) and actual development of products starts. This Is the longest phase of the SDLC. If the design phase (previous phase) is implemented properly, code generation in this phase is achieved without any problem. Once our software is developed properly it goes for a proper review to check whether it is functioning properly or not.

5. Testing :

After the code is implemented completely it is checked against our requirements whether it is addressing our needs which are gathered in the analysis phase or not. In this phase, all the defects of our software are tracked and fixed until we obtain our desired product with the defined quality standards.

6. Deployment and Maintenance :

When the products successfully pass the testing phase, it is deployed to the user for Beta Testing for finding bugs so they can be resolved. When our targeted customers start using the product on the basis of their feedback the system is improved for flawless working, this process is known as maintenance.

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