What is booming technology in IT industry now?

Our students are living in a world that is changing at a dramatic pace—a world that grows smaller with each passing day due to the advances of technology.

To be without a command of these skills is to be at a disadvantage in today’s—as well as tomorrow’s—world.

It is essential for all students to have the opportunity to explore, understand and acquire the skills that will impact their lives.

So, they should knowledge of current booming technology in IT industry.

The IT has expanded immensely in the last decade; it has become more broader.

For example:

Web Developers,Database Engineers,Network Engineers, Big Data(Cloud),Security Engineers(Hacking prevention),
Mobile Developers (Android\iOS) etc. Mentioned here each of these are segments of IT and has their own technology and recent trends.

According to the various tech websites and news, the below technologies is already getting attention and will be
more in demand in the near future,

Automation, AI( Artificial Intelligence), AWS ( Amazon’s cloud service), Azure(Microsoft’s Cloud service), Big data(Hadoop), Linux, SDN( Software Defined Networking), Security Technologies( Penetration Testing, Ethical
Hacking, Network Security), DevOps and so on.

Most important thing is you have to be master the languages you already know. It’s always good to be up to date with all the trendy new shiny frameworks and languages, but jumping ships every few years will hurt you professionally.

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