What is the difference between web applications, web-based applications and desktop applications?

A web app runs on a browser. A desktop app runs on a stationary machine, or a laptop. On what we call “a computer”. Basically, a desktop application is a PC program that runs locally on a PC gadget.

The main difference between the Web based application and Window based application is that the Web app. can be
access from any ware in the world through the internet whereas window based app. need to be install on your
machine to access.

1)  Web Applications are hosted on web servers to serve request from internet clients through browsers. web applications have the authentication/authorization mechanism partially built.

2) Web-based Applications are also hosted on web servers but might also serve request from intranet clients through browser. web apps have validation controls.

3) Desktop Applications are not hosted on web server, instead, they use system environment and other resources of the O/S for serving request from a standalone or network client. windows apps don’t have validation controls, data needs to be validated through code.

In short

1. web applications can be accessible only if it exists online

2. desktop applications can be accessed as long as you have the particular application in you’re computer

3. web based applications are something like flash games

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