What programming languages should a Web Developer know to stay ahead of in Career? –

Staying on top is rather difficult in IT industry. I think knowing a programming language really won’t keep you on top. It is necessary

Stick to being good at the basics of any popular language .

Learn how to write good code using best practices in your favourite or interested language. The only good advice is you have to be master the languages you already know. It’s always good to be up to date with all the trendy new shiny frameworks and languages, but jumping ships every few years will hurt you professionally.

Mastering your own stack will keep you ahead of the competition. There are two types of developers, those who honed their skills and kept an eye out for the new things and then there’s the jackasses of all trades, masters of

Reality is that technology¬†is ever changing, and what’s in demand today will probably not be in 10 years. So keep your ears to the ground, when you feel that your set of skills are being less and less in demand, it’s time to upgrade. But at least you should clear fundamental concepts of Programming Language.

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