Where Java Script is used?

What is Java Script?

JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language. It is designed for creating network-centric applications. JavaScript is the native language of the web browser. Where is used?

JavaScript is used literally everywhere on the internet. It’s like oxygen for the Web Developers, without JavaScript nearly all the websites will be as uncool as ever.

JavaScript is used in TONS of places.

For example,

The web world:

  • Front-End (of course)
  • Backend (Node.js)

Front-End is important because that’s how you view and interact with applications. It’ what the users see.

Also, EVERY business needs a website. Which means you need someone to write JavaScript?

Backend is important because you need to have a server running, otherwise how are others going to see your website?

Also, IoT is trending and all of those talks to servers. Some of these servers (cloud computing solutions) are running NodeJS. So, JavaScript would be good to know!

JavaScript helps to perform all kinds of real-time interactions that we do with the websites. All the interaction, notifications that pop up, beautiful games (except flash games which are dying away everyday) are designed in JavaScript. For every browser there is a JavaScript engine which renders the script. One more important thing to note about JavaScript is that it is asynchronous in nature. It will keep on executing other parts of the code and when the result has arrived from the backend it will catch the event and do the required things upon receiving it.

JavaScript is always at the bottom of the heap.

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