Which are the latest technologies in IT?

For frontend developmentHTML, CSS, Jquery , and Angular JS are used to develop dynamic website interfaces. If you’re already a computer engineering /application student, you might have to just brush up on HTML, CSS, and Jquery, since these are part of the course curriculum. However, you would need to work hard to learn Angular JS .

For backend development — Here you have options likePHP , Django, Node JS, etc. I would recommend you to learn frameworks like Node JS, Express JS, Mongo DB. There are two advantages to this—

1. First, these frameworks use your knowledge of JavaScript ( which you need to learn for Angular JS). So you wouldn’t not be required to learn a new programming language.

2. Second, these frameworks are now being adopted by companies like Paypal and others because the development time is comparatively less and offers extensive scalability to products (websites). In short, there’s large number of jobs and in the near future there’s going to be more.

If you are interested in learning both frontend and backend technologies, TRIRID is always there to help you. So I would recommend you that once you learn these technologies, continue to learn other technologies like Django, Redis etc. This will help you to become a good developer and open up more opportunities in web development.

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