In short we can say Web and mobile but desktop will continue in various niches for a long time.

It seems that all of a sudden all of our applications need to be ported to web applications. everyone is looking for mobile solution to their problems. Each year the amount of PCs that are sold are falling and while desktop apps are getting traction again,

According to the forecasts made by Gartner, the worldwide public cloud services market will grow 18% in 2017 to $246.8B up from $209.2B in 2016. Based on these figures, we can conclude that the near future is definitely web-based apps.

Web apps can be easily ported to virtually any platform with a web browser. Web development is standards based – You are not required to use proprietary software that locks you to the platform. Desktop applications needs to be updated per desktop. Web applications are updated once at the  server.

Each app have their own pros and cons. but it is truth that use of web apps increases day by day.

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