In the Linux world there is a 99% chance that the extra tools you need are freely available (free as in beer) and if not already installed on your system you can find and download them very quickly.

This in turn encourages you to delve into the idea without having to scour the Internet looking for cheap versions of software that might to the trick on a platform more used to expensive branded tools (say Photoshop/Dreamweaver etc).

Linux environment is both natively a server AND natively a desktop AND natively a DB, you can easily integrate many many diverse processes under one roof.

A lot of small programs in linux user can reuse and compose them in different ways for various tasks.

There is less ad-hoc software like package managers, solid build systems and a network stack which let developer simulate a whole WAN in their PC.

The file system is very fast which saves time while building, booting, searching, backing up and more.

All programs distributed via the packaging system are preconfigured to work with other packages, have start and stop scripts and are generally just plug and play.

So, there are lots of benefits in Linux system for developers.

Tririd technologies Pvt Ltd provide you ensurance for high security, availability and performance of your database environment. We also provide various services:

  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Database Administration
  • Data Mining

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