Why .Net Framework?

.NET Framework is the most powerful development platform for building a variety of solutions on Windows. For example, using the .NET Framework, you can create applications for Windows Desktop, Web applications, Windows
Phone applications, Windows Store applications, Windows Server, Windows Azure (cloud) as well as Both frameworks and cognitive services.

Microsoft .NET Framework provides a huge no. of benefits compared with the legacy languages – No more COM Specifications in .NET. So, we automatically get away from DLL Hell.

Microsoft .NET supports language integration.

Microsoft .NET Base Class Library offers a wrapper over many raw API calls which can be used in various .NET Languages.

You can call COM components in .NET and .NET Components in COM using interoperability.

A Common Runtime Engine shared by all the .NET Languages.

A single framework to develop Windows/Web applications.

We have no. of languages which make developers to adapt the .NET Framework for application development.

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